Benefits and Risks of Ginger for Pregnant Women

Among the various herbal plants that exist, ginger plants for pregnant women are believed to have several benefits. Among others, able to eliminate dizziness, increase the body's immune system, and reduce high blood pressure. Is this true? Is ginger safe for pregnant women? Let's find out the benefits of ginger here. For Asian nations, and Indonesia in particular, the efficacy of herbal plants such as ginger has not been completely replaced by drugs or supplements with a variety of benefits. Plants that grow in China and warm temperate countries have been used as ingredients for cooking and traditional medicine for thousands of years. A study showed that ginger can relieve menstrual pain experienced by 60% of study participants. Some studies also mention that giving ginger to pregnant women can reduce the intensity of nausea and frequency of vomiting. While for anticoagulant drugs or blood clots inhibitors, consumption of ginger should be limited because ginger can cause b…
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